My Blog Story:

I feel that when it comes to blogging, I am as new to the process as it gets. I signed up for an Edublog over two years ago with grand ambitions, yet this is my very first post.   I think that my problem has been that I get lost in the details – if I publish something I want to make sure that it is a true representation of who I am. The irony in that, however, is that I was drawn to blogging as a means to share the things that I was trying in my classroom. I am a teaching strategy junkie, so to speak – I thrive on trying new ways to engage my students and I take joy in watching the idea succeed, or flop, and reflecting on what to do differently next time. I never expect it to be perfect, yet that perfection piece has been my biggest barrier to sharing one of the parts of my practice that I pride myself on – that willingness to let go of the control and just see where the lesson or topic takes us. The #Edublogsclub challenge is an exciting (and daunting) endeavour; yet I take comfort in knowing that someone will give me a starting point, something to talk about without (me) having to worry about its relevance to others; and hopefully through that process make blogging a regular part of my week. I have so much that I want to share from my classroom, I think it’s just about making this process…this commitment.. a habit. That’s my goal.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to the weeks to come!